full list of characters

Let us know if you have a Specific Character Request not listed and we will do our best to accommodate you!  Song Requests are welcome! 

Prices starting at $199.00

Classic  Hollywood

Marilyn Monroe

Frank Sinatra 

Nat King Kole

Lucille Ball

Ricky Ricardo

Elvis Presley

Richard Simmons

Super heroes

Wonder Woman



Captain America


Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad)



Bernie Sanders

Obama (Temp Unavailable)


Elle Woods (Legally Blonde in Cap & Gown)

Male Graduate

film & tv

The Bachelor (Comes with Rose)

Jessica Rabbit

Harry Potter

Hermione Grandger

Austin Powers

Betty Boop

Daeneryous Targaryen (Game of Thrones)

John Snow (Game of Thrones)

Lannister Knight (Game of Thrones)

Princess Belle

Buddy the Elf (Will Farrell Movie)

Princess Leia

Han Solo

pop stars


Justin Bieber

Kanye West (Temporarily Unavailable)

Brittany Spears

Freddie Mercury

Tupac (Temporarily Unavailable)

Michael Jackson (Temporarily Unavailable)

Elton John

Sports fans

Laker's Girl

USC Cheerleader

Generic Cheerleader


Officer Eurin Truble (Male)

Officer Anita Bribe (Female)

Mexican Fiesta Guy (Sings a Portion in Spanish)

1920s Flapper Girl

1970s Hippie Girl

Hamilton on Broadway (Male)


Cowboy Dan


Bavarian Yodeler (Avail limited - Call first)

Wishing Fairy (Great for Baby Showers)

Sweet Serenade - No Character  

                        (Song Medley)

Broadway Singer

R&B Singer

Opera Singer

Acoustic Singer (Avail Limited - Call first)

80s Pop Rock Singer

(Ask for Song List & Song Requests Welcome)