We are thrilled to be able to safely serve our community at this time!  The majority of our performers have been vaccinated.  Please speak to a representative regarding any safety concerns regarding Covid 19.  We have been able to safely accommodate throughout the pandemic and want to work with everyone individually on what is best for you and your loved ones during the performance.

What is a contact person and how do I get approval for you to show up at public locations?

When you book with us our performer will need to have a direct contact person to meet with prior to entering. For example:  If the recipient will be surprised at work, please call the workspace in advance to get permission.  We appreciate you taking the time to get final approval for the safety of our performer.

Can you bring flowers, balloons, or another add-on that I request?

We are happy to pick up flowers, balloons, chocolates, and more for the recipient. Pricing can be found on the order form in the drop down menu for 'Add balloons, flowers, chocolates, and more!'.

How much advanced notice is necessary for booking?

We prefer at least 48 hours notice in order to book you the perfect performer for your event.

Last minute opportunities come up and we will do our best to accomodate you even with short notice.  

We have delivered many same day singing telegrams and they are welcome.

Please call us before filling out the order form so we can confirm that your specific character and performer are available for the date and time that you need.  

Do you take song requests?

Absolutely!  Our talented performers are professional actors and singer and can learn any song that means a lot to your loved one.  We need at least a day or two notice so the performer has time to rehearse and learn the song.  We love the special touches that make these personalized performances memorable.

What is your tipping policy?

Tipping is not a requirement but always greatly appreciated.

Most telegrams are sent to unexpecting recipients so it is best to have our performers tipped ahead of time. Thank you in advance.

What is your cancellation and time change policy?

Once the order is Booked/Processed there is a $50 cancellation fee for any single character cancellations.  

If you cancel within 48 hours or less of your event we will not be able to refund any of the purchase amount, but we are happy to reschedule your performer for the same rate.

We are only able to reschedule the performance time once prior to the performance date as we know that sometimes things happen out of your control.  

Same day & any additional rescheduling for single character will be at an extra $50 charge to compensate the performer for their time.  There is an extra $50 per additional character.  For example: the cancellation fee and time change fee for two characters is $100.00, and three characters is $150.00.

We appreciate your understanding as these are professional actors blocking out their schedule for your performance.

Are there additional travel fees?

(Mileage is based on travel from our office location 90068)

0-15 miles Free!

15-30 miles $15

30-45 miles $20

45-60 miles $30

60 plus (Negotiable)

What is time frame arrival window?
We prefer an arrival window for our performer.  We usually have them traveling from one performance to another so the window allows for safe travel time.  Example:  06:00pm - 07:00pm.  We are happy to have the performer text or call upon arrival if requested.  If you need a sharp arrival start time we're happy to accommodate when possible.
Do you offer 'I'm Sorry' and 'Anonymous' Grams
We believe that Singing Telegrams should be a positive experience for everyone involved.  We love brightening someone's special day with laughter and joy.  For this reason we do not offer 'I'm Sorry' and 'Anonymous' grams.  

Will the wardrobe and performer be exactly as pictured and in the video clips?

While most of our performers pictured and in our video clips are part of our core cast we can not guarantee which performer will attend because it is based on availability and many of our talented performers play various characters. The wardrobe will vary slightly depending on the character. Rest assured all of our performers and wardrobe are top quality and you only get the BEST with us.
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